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Brass Barbecue Brush

Brass Barbecue Brush

Brass Barbecue Brush (Y-shaped) The perfect accessory for your BeefEater BBQ. Use a Brass Bristle Brush to remove the residue and clean the surface of your BBQ.The Y Shape design is perfect for getting into corners with brass bristles for longer lasting use.
Suitable brands:
BeefEater, Electrolux
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Brass Barbecue Brush (BD94941)


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BeefEater Filter Type
Compatible Models
BB18224, BB18225GA, BB18226, BB49924, BB49926, BB722AA, BB722BA, BBG1250SB, BD16232, BD16242, BD16252, BD16340, BD16350, ... BD16440, BD16640, BD16740, BD47832, BD47842, BD47852, BD47940, BD47950, BD79542, BD79552, BD79640, BD79650, BDB1550GA, BDM1530GA, BDM1540GA, BDM1550GA, BDMG324SA, BDMG420BA, BDMG424BA, BDMG424SA, BDMG520BA, BDMG524BA, BDMG524SA, BMG1240BB, BMG1241BB, BMG1241SB, BMG1251BB, BMG1251SB, BS12840S, BS12850S, BS19350, BS19640, BS19650, BS26010, BS30060, BS31550, BS31560
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Compatible PNCs
956002217, 956002220, 956002221, 956002228, 956002229, 956002230, 956002231, 956002232, 956002233, 956002234, 956002237, ... 956002238, 956002239, 956002240, 956002246, 956002247, 956002248, 956002249, 956002250, 956002251, 956002252, 956002287, 956002288, 956002289, 956002343, 956002444, 956002497, 956002498, 956002499, 956002684, 95600400600, 956005002, 956005003, 956005027, 956005030, 956005063, 956005065, 956005066, 956005067, 956005068, BeefeaterVirtualPNC
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How do I find my product number (PNC) or model number?


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